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We’re obsessed with perfection, which calls for attention-to-detail every step of the way.

From specialist installation and maintenance of Artificial grass, to one-off earth work projects, we’ve got your needs covered. Feel free to explore our range of excellent landscaping services below.

Artificial Grass

Not all artificial grass is equal. If you want your garden to look like it’s got fake grass, go for the cheapest option. If you want an artificial lawn that looks as natural as the real thing, call us! We pride ourselves on attention to detail and quality installations, cutting no corners, using safe, trusted, and long-lasting techniques.

Our Artificial grass has an eight-year UV and manufacturer warranty.  

Artificial grass is perfect for all areas of your garden. It’s low maintenance so you can enjoy your weekends again. Great in all weathers. Perfect for the children and pets, no need to worry about muddy feet or paws again. Artificial grass is the perfect option to finish the pool area and can transform a shady area where “real” grass just won’t grow.

Artificial Grass Maintenance

To keep your artificial turf looking at its best all year round embark on one of our maintenance/services plans. This removes any build-up of unwanted moss, dirt and other debris, includes top dressing with fresh sand as required. Power brooming brings back the lushness of any high traffic areas. Safe antibacterial/deodoriser used to make the lawn smell and feel clean.


From the shaping of the sub soil base to installing topsoil, full cultivation and soil conditioning. Fine finish preparation including ideal compaction, promoting good root penetration, strong healthy plants. Correct and detailed groundwork, gives the best start to any plant.

Site Clearances

Need to prepare your site for a landscaping job? Let Level Earth be your first port of call. We’ll quickly and unobtrusively remove obstacles like redundant small concrete bases, debris, small structures, walls, and more. We can even help with pre-landscaping stump grinding removal, ground levelling, and more.  

Artificial Tennis Court Grooming

Freshen up your old tired tennis court, with our moss treatments and power brooming services.  Enjoy your game again playing on a clean tidy surface where you will be proud to rally up with your tennis buddies again. Power Brooming is ideal for a broad range of surfaces - no matter the landscaping project.

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps wasting space? Let Level Earth help. We’ll travel to your home to assess the job, providing a competitive, no-obligation quote on-the-spot. Happy? We can schedule your Stump Grinding service on a date and at a time that suits you, using advanced equipment to remove the stumps entirely. Once the stump is removed, the roots can’t grow back, guaranteeing permanent results.

Post Hole Boring

Need to build a fence, drain, plant, building pile, or something else? Post holes are the most sensible place to start! Post hole boring makes the whole installation process easier. We use a powered auger with various size options, perfect for every job, and whether we need to move through hard soil, clay, or other mediums.

Chain Trenching

Trenching and excavation are some of the most dangerous landscaping tasks around, and must be performed to rigorous safety and regulation standards. Minimise the risk of harm or error by hiring experts with over a decade of experience. Once we’ve assessed your area, we can propose the right chain trenching solution and equipment for your needs.

Rotary Hoeing

It’s no secret that heavy rains can cause soil crusting, especially when the soil has high silt/clay content. Unfortunately, excessive rain packs soil into a thick layer at the surface, which is cemented through drying. Less oxygen to seeds and compromised water infiltration means poor emergence, seeing seeds struggle to push through the cemented top crust. This is where rotary hoeing comes in. We’ll pass through your space using professional equipment to rescue your soil and crops.  

Soak Holes

Need to control excess stormwater runoff, a soak hole can be the answer. We can drill holes up to 5 meters deep and diameters ranging from 150mm – 600mm. Water collected and directed via a cesspit and pipework to the capped chamber, the water dissipates into the porous layers in the sub soil, elevating the problem.
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